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EMODnet Biology Quarterly Report 20 is now published


EMODnet Biology Quarterly Report 20 is now published

Added on 2022-07-14 14:56:57 by Beja, Joana
The document reports on the various activities and progress during the period from 2022-01-01 to 2022-03-31
The document's structure covers the folowing topics:
1. Highlights in this quarter
2. Identified issues: status and actions taken
3. User feedback (Contact Us form, online chat & other communication means)
4. Meetings/events held/attended & planned
5. Communication assets
6. Monitoring indicators
7. Annex: Other documentation attached

The first section reports on all tasks defined in the proposal, with main highlights, the publication of 25 new datasets and updates to five, the WP3 data product workshop and publication of a new use case.

The document is available here and the indicators for the same period, here.

Link: https://www.emodnet-biology.eu/sites/emodnet-biology.eu/files/public/documents/EMODnet_Biology_IV/Reporting/202204101_EMODnetBiology_QR20_2022.pdf

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