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EMODnet Biology Phase III final report published


EMODnet Biology Phase III final report published

Added on 2021-07-16 14:40:34 by Beja, Joana
The final report was recently approved by CINEA and is now available for consultation via the portal.
The report covers the period from 2019-04-19 to 2021-04-18, the renewal stage of Phase III and addresses several aspects:
Executive summary
1.  Introduction
2.  Update on the Tasks
3.  Work Package updates
     WP1 – Project Management
     WP2 – Data access to marine biological data
     WP3 – Data archaeology and rescue
     WP4 – Data product creation
     WP5 – Uptake and outreach
     WP6 – Technical update EMODnet biological portal & link with other portals
4.  Identified issues: status and actions taken
5.  Allocation of project resources
6.  User feedback (Contact us form, online chat & other communication means)
7.  Meetings/events held/attended & planned
8.  Communication assets
9.  Monitoring indicators
10.    Recommendations for follow-up actions by the EU
     Support in addressing data gaps
11.    Annex: Other documentation attached
12.    List of abbreviations and acronyms

The indicators information is complied in an excel spreadsheet and covers the same period. The indicators are:
1. Current status and coverage of total available thematic data
2. Current status and coverage of total number of data products
3. Organisations supplying/ approached to supply data and data products since the start of the project phase
4. Online 'Web' interfaces to access or view data
5. Quality Control and Quality Assurance steps
6. Statistics on information volunteered through download forms
7. Published use cases
8. Portal & Social Media visibility
9. User friendliness
10. Visibility & analytics for web pages
11. Visibility & analytics for web sections
12. Average visit duration for web pages

The report can be accessed here and the indicators spreadsheet here.

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