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EMODnet Biology Interim report now available online


EMODnet Biology Interim report now available online

Added on 2020-08-10 10:06:28 by Beja, Joana
The Interim report covering the period from 19 April 2019 to 19 April 2020 is now available online
The report covers the work done during the reporting period, Work Package updates, Challenges encountered and also a brief analysis of the monitoring indicators. The main highlights are:
1) Catalogue: EMODnet Biology currently holds 1379 datasets described with metadata that includes information on WHAT, WHO, WHEN, WHEREand WHYthe data were collected.
2) DOI: A total of 520datasets (~54%) have DOIs, allowing for the data to be cited in various publications.
3) Download Toolbox: This tool allows users to query the database by taxa, geographical area, time range, data precision and other biotic and abiotic parameters.
4) Available data: The datasets ingested into EMODnet Biology now contribute with more than 25.5 million records that can be accessed via the portal. 76% of these pass the current quality control checks (taxon is matched with WoRMS, taxon is at genus or (sub)species level, latitude and longitude are different from zero and are within possible boundaries).
5) FAIR: in mid-2019, EMODnet Biology registered in the FAIRsharing.org. This initiative aims to bring producers and consumers of standards, databases, repositories and data policies closer together.
6) Data grants: A new data grant call was made in late 2019 and 16 organisations were selected and will contribute 85 new datasets covering various themes and regions.
7) OpenSeaLab: In early September 2019 a data hackathon,co-organised with the EMODnet Biology team, was held in Ghent, Belgium with the objective of developingnovel marine and maritime applications using EMODnet, ICES and Copernicus Marine’s marine data and services.

Follow the links to access the report and the monitoring indicators.

Link: https://www.emodnet-biology.eu/sites/emodnet-biology.eu/files/public/documents/EMODnet_Biology_III/Reporting/20200417_EMODnetBiology_InterimReport.pdf

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