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About the Atlas



The EMODnet Atlas of Marine Life provides a combination of tools, models and spatial maps that allow to visualise marine biological data. The Atlas gives an overview of the marine birds, mammals, reptiles, fish, benthos, algae and plankton that occur in European marine waters. It is using species observation data to create biological data products that showing changes in species, communities and functional traits over time. The Atlas includes a:

1. Product gallery

2. Product stories

3. Product mapper

4. Product catalogue

5. Github repository


The products within the Atlas are structured around the Essential Ocean Variables for Biodiversity (EOV). EOVs try to harmonize biological observations across the globe - the Atlas of Marine Life provides aggregated output of biological observations following these EOV categorizations. Currently you can find products on:


  • Phytoplankton biomass and diversity

  • Zooplankton biomass and diversity

  • Fish abundance and distribution

  • Marine turtles, birds, mammals abundance and distribution

  • Hard coral cover and composition

  • Seagrass cover and composition

  • Macroalgal canopy cover and composition

  • Benthic invertebrate abundance and distribution


The workflows that are used to create the products are documented and available – they can be reused and anyone can further build upon the products for any purpose, even commercially. The gridded products are made available for download as netcdf files and as an OGC-compliant service. For each data product, a documentation file that explains the methodology and the code to generate the product is available on github.





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