How can you contribute? | Emodnet Biology

How can you contribute?

  1. Everyone collecting data and information on the distribution of marine and brackish water species in Europe can make a valuable contribution to EMODnet.

    Are you willing to share your data? The new EMODnet Data Ingestion Portal makes data submission easy and quick, so that it can be shared with the EMODnet community and distributed by the different thematic portals. For biological data, you can also use the online submission form below.

    In this quick guide on how to share biodiversity data you can have a look at what data types you can submit and what are the data requirements. If you have any questions or remarks, you can contact us at

  2. Why should I share my data?

    • Sharing your data is a way to get known by your peers.
    • Increased citation rates are associated with scientists that share their data (Piwowar et al., 2007). Datasets can be cited too (e.g. via DOIs) leading to more academic credit.
    • Data sharing improves data quality, avoids duplication of efforts and resource wasting.
    • It stimulates collaboration among researchers and broadens the possibilities of research.
    • More data means more research. Better science means better decision making.


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